Area of Law

Workers’ Compensation, Third Party Claim, Personal Injury, Wrongful Death

The plaintiff was injured at work when he fell off a loading dock, causing a thoracic and a rib injury.  These injuries exacerbated a pre-existing condition, and ultimately led to his death.  Our office filed a workers compensation claim, which was heavily contested at each step of the claim.  The defendant employer appealed all of the judge’s decisions and orders in the plaintiff’s favor.  We worked with several medical experts, including an oncologist, the plaintiff’s primary care physician and a pulmonary specialist to establish the causal connection between the work-related injuries and the plaintiff’s death.  We also worked with an architect to establish the defect in the work environment.

The case was litigated at the Massachusetts Industrial Accident Board and the Middlesex Superior Court.  Complex liens were resolved.  We secured a six-figure settlement relative to the third party claim and secured ongoing death benefits to the surviving spouse pursuant to workers’ compensation.